The MYG Volunteer

One of our goals is to develop skills that enable
persons with intellectual disabilities(PWIDs) to lead more fulfilling lives. The thing about PWIDs are, just like us, they need to exercise their mental capacities and skills regularly to keep it in shape, or else it will decline over time.  

Can you imagine not reading a book or doing anything intellectual for a year?  You'll feel pretty un-intelligent at the end of it, won't you?  Same for PWIDs, but due to their condition, they won't learn skills as fast as normal people, but will decline extremely quickly if they don't exercise their skills.

Most of our various projects have a time each week dedicated to 'Individual Lessons' where we provide the opportunity for that training - imparting life skills to the PWIDs using whatever methods we can.  In the same way that everyone of us is unique, every person with intellectual disability requires a different sort of help and guidance to aid their condition and help them get better.

What we really need are COMMITTED, CARING people who are willing to spend a couple of hours every week to take care of the less fortunate. 

Imagine the kind of things a person with intellectual disability can do if there is a volunteer who can train and guide him or her in basic life skills and ensure that the trainee is always sharp?  This trainee won't lose his or her ability to speak and think.  He or she might have maintained a skill which might be just enough to find himself or herself a simple job. To a family who may already have a hard time raising a family member with intellectual disability, the fact that this member can work and at least take care of himself/herself is a huge relief for the family.

If you are willing to lend a helping hand, and a couple of hours per week, there's a good chance that elsewhere, a frustrated parent can breathe easier because of your gesture.
Volunteers matter.  And we need more of them.

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