Volunteer Development and Welfare

Besides providing services for our trainees, MYG aims to achieve the following for its volunteers -

  • Recognize volunteers' efforts and to provide opportunities for self improvement so as to meet their changing aspirations in serving our trainees
  • Inculcate team awareness, espirit de corps and self discipline among volunteers through guidance and interaction

We provide ample training to help our volunteers learn about working and coping with our trainees. At a project level, new volunteers would typically be paired to more senior volunteers for a period of 'understudy'. On the MYG level, our parent organisation MINDS gives an orientation seminar by professional staff for new volunteers. Besides internal MINDS training, the Training subcommitee also looks into and plans courses by external organisations for volunteers.

As for volunteer welfare, the Volunteer Coordinator (VC) subcommittee organises outings and games sessions for MYG volunteers on a regular basis to promote bonding and sharing of experiences for volunteers across the 8 projects.