Volunteering Sessions

Different projects conduct their sessions differently, but most of the time it falls into a framework like this;

START: Warming up - usually a sing-a-long session, to let the trainees know that the day has started.  This is also the time where they do their self-introductions.

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS:  The next portion of the day is the part where volunteers will impart necessary life skills to the trainee.  It could be something as complex as learning how to cook an egg (easy for us to do, not necessarily easy for PWIDs), learning how to sweep the floor or fold their shirts, or something more basic like identifying numbers and colours.  

Different trainees suffer from varying degrees of intellectual disability and thus require different sorts of care and guidance.  Some trainees will even go through a training programme specifically customised for him or her to improve his or her abilities.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION LESSONS:  Which is a time for trainees to get some workout.  This is important because generally, PWIDs do not get a lot of chances to do this. If you are slower in thinking, and you stay at home while both parents are off to work, chances are you won't be doing push-ups or crunches during all those free time.  Therefore our PE lessons are here to encourage some activity so the trainee's muscle strength won't decline over time.

Sometimes, PE lessons will be replaced by group activities such as art and craft sessions or role-playing therapy sessions where all the trainees in the project can enjoy together.

artwork created by trainees during arts and craft session

TEA BREAK: Food is good after a workout.  

END:  After the tea-break, trainees and volunteers say goodbye to one another, and they all return home to look forward to the next session.

Most projects will also have an annual camp to spice up the training programme for the trainees and some outing sessions such as swimming, trip to the Botanic Gardens, and such, for the trainees' benefit. 

Apart from these classes that are confined to a single project, there are also events which involve all 8 projects on a greater scale. Please see our Events page for more details.