Our Events Calendar

MYG organises annual large-scale events for our trainees, where all our trainees and volunteers of our different projects gather together as one. This allows our trainees to get into an environment that is outside of their comfort zone and learn to interact with other people whom they might not be familiar with. Below is the calendar of upcoming activities organised by MINDS MYG.

MYG Calendar of Events

Some of the events include:

ACID camp, or the Annual Camp for the Intellectually Disabled.

It's an overnight camp for more than 250 trainees and 250 volunteers. Telematches, watergames and obstacle courses are just some of the common activities we organise for this camp. These activities are designed to suit our trainees with different levels of abilities. This is an event that is very much looked forward to by our trainees and volunteers! The objectives of the camp are to inculcate a sense of independence to our trainees, to foster stronger bonds between our trainees and volunteers of different projects and more importantly, to allow trainees to help one another during the camp.

Family Day

Where trainees, their families and volunteers come together for a day of fun and games. 

These would traditionally include both a concert as well as a carnival where volunteers set up food, games and craft stalls for trainees and their families. 

Sports Day
 is our annual sports meet. 

Trainees, guided by volunteers, get to participate in a number of stations and competitive sports games to give them a chance to work together as a team and exercise themselves physically.

MYG volunteers play an active role in the planning and execution of these events. We are also thankful for the collaboration it has received from external organisations for some of these events. For example, Raffles Institution (Junior College) Interact Club has worked closely with us to organise the MYG Sports Day for the last two years. If your company/organisation is interested in helping out, do feel free to contact us, volunteer@myg.org.sg.

As for when these events will occur, you can refer to our calendar above!