MYG Home Run

posted Mar 24, 2012, 4:52 PM by MINDS MYG   [ updated May 8, 2015, 4:00 AM ]
Event : MYG Home Run
Date : 1st April 2012
Venue : MINDS HQ (
800 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149310)

Final VA Activity cum MYG AGM
 of FY 2011/2012.
Dear VOLUNTEERS, let's come together for an afternoon of recapturing memories, of peeking into the future, and of good food!!

VA Activity. Time: 11.45am - 3+pm
It'll be an Amazing Race-ish activity. More of problem solving while (re)discovering MINDS MYG. Collect points as you complete tasks. Some tasks can be completed concurrently too!

No LUNCH is catered. Everyone is advised to have a slightly heavier breakfast, have a light tea break while out traveling in your groups, and we'll have a sumptuous tea reception when you're back for AGM starting from 3pm onwards. 

If it serves as any consolation, there'll be prizes for EVERYONE (at project level). The grand "sponsored" prize might have to wait, but as long as the project has participated in the activities there'll be some form of prizes.

MYG AGM. Time : 3+pm - 5.00pm
Marks the change of a new MYG CC(Central Committee) and review of MYG for the current financial year.

RSVP with your respective project chairs today!