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Special Olympics Update - My new meaning of “football”

posted Apr 8, 2017, 7:11 PM by MINDS MYG   [ updated Apr 8, 2017, 7:12 PM ]

My new meaning of “football”

Everyone understands football, it’s almost like a universal language. At least to me, football has always been a game where friendships are built, teamwork is honed - all for achieving a common goal. Now that I am a volunteer, it takes on a slightly different meaning but one which I would always remember.

With the upcoming National Games in May, our volunteers have taken on the task to build a team of 6, each with different abilities and characteristics. And as with any other team-building, the journey has been fraught with challenges. Yet, with the dedication of our volunteers, we persevered through. Some of us organised training drills while some had to double up between training and their own commitments elsewhere.

At the end, I realised it was not just about building a team made of trainees of different abilities but also for a team of volunteers, whom each has something different to bring to the table. It is one of the traits which I’m most proud of - the celebration of diversity in the volunteering community.

I always have this inexplicable feeling whenever training comes to an end. It is hard for me to describe, but it is a mixture of pride and bittersweet happiness. Pride because of who we are and what we have accomplished, and bittersweet happiness because every little accomplishment was hard fought but so very worth it.

Who knew football could mean so many different things?




About the writer

Jordan is a 28-year old banking associate. His 8-year journey with MINDS MYG has been an exciting and meaningful one. He has gone beyond his basic responsibilities as a volunteer and has reached out to the lives of many MINDS MYG beneficiaries by taking up key roles in many MINDS MYG events. To him, taking up these different roles and responsibilities and connecting with different trainees and volunteers are the things that keep his passion for volunteering burning.