Our Logo

The main representation of the logo design takes the form of two figurines engaged in a dialogue, symbolizing the close bond between a volunteer and a trainee in MYG. The torsos are joined together as a singular entity. It speaks clearly of the fundamental value of MYG. Respect for life and individual could only happen with honest communication and sincere care for one another. With MINDS using the same form of representation in its logo, this symbol also marks the close affiliation between MYG and its parent group.

The backdrop of the logo is defined by an outline of a fallen leaf. The symbolic connotation of a fallen leaf finds an apt niche in the context of this design. A fallen leaf is not a discarded possession but an integral element of nature. It completes and balances our environment. With a compassionate and forgiving attitude, we would learn not to see persons with intellectual disability as an amputated component of the society. They belong to our side and have a place of their own in our society.

In short, the logo design expresses the essence of MYG's aims to improve the quality of its trainees’ lives, and to promote a greater understanding and acceptance of persons with intellectual disability in the community.